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In computing terms, a mouse is a device that is linked to a computer and used as a pointing device.  The mouse is usually equipped with one or more buttons and a sensor or ball underneath to detect movement. A mouse is used on a flat surface or on a special mouse pad. The mouse is shaped in such a way to comfortably fit into the palm of the computer user’s hand. The mouse controls the movement of the pointer (an arrow by default) on the computer screen. The computer mouse comes in various shapes and sizes with varied functionality.  Some examples are:

Gaming Mouse

The gaming mouse is a variable resolution device, specifically designed for computer games and comes with a number of cotrollalbe buttons. Most of them can be programmed to perform specific gaming commands. These mice are designed for speed and accuracy.

Optical Mouse

The original design of the computer mouse used a ball to detect the movement across the surface the mouse is resting on but modern designs use optical sensors to accomplish this. These optical sensors are more accurate and less prone to physical damage.

Apple Mouse

The Apple mouse is a mouse designed by the Apple Inc computer company and used with the Apple range of computers. The original design of the apple mouse had only one button where most mice have more than one.

Cordless Mouse

A cordless mouse is a mouse that is not linked to the computer via a physical cable but makes use of electronics signals to communicate with the computer.

Laser Mouse

The laser mouse uses a laser sensor to detect movement and is used in high precision applications.

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