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Memory Stick

Memory Stick


In computer terms, a memory stick is a small, portable electronic storage device. Memory sticks are mostly used in portable devices, like digital cameras, to store electronic data. In the case of a digital camera it will store photographs. Most modern computing devices, for example computer laptops, have ports where you can plug in the memory stick to download or copy the data from the memory stick to the computer.

The term memory stick was first created by Sony to describe their flash memory devices but today, the term memory stick, is used to describe these types of devices in general.

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Stack overflow

Stack Overflow Cartoon


In computer software terms a stack overflow error occurs when the program tries to use more memory than was allocated to it. The call stack is a special type of data structure used to store information about a program’s subroutines.

The web site StackOverflow is useful resource for finding answers to programming related problems and issues.

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Core dump

Core dump, chunky bits!


In computing terms a core dump refers to the saving of a software program’s working  information stored in the computer’s temporary memory or random access memory (RAM) to a file on the machine when the program terminates abnormally. This unexpected termination of the program is usually called a crash. Core dump is a dated term and is also referred to as a memory dump.

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RAM Upgrade

Ram upgrade


RAM is an acronym for, Random Access Memory. It refers to one or more electronic chips that can be installed in a computer to serve as temporary memory. This memory only contains information while the computer is switched on.

This memory is used by the operating system and software running on the computer to perform its tasks.

It is possible to upgrade (increase the capacity)  of the RAM installed in a computer under certain conditions. RAM size is generally measured in Megabytes(MB) or Gigabytes(GB).

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