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Network Tunnel


In computer terms a tunnel is a bi-directional connection between two networks. An example of such a tunnel would be when someone connects to their workplace from their home PC. They would use VPN (virtual private network) software to establish the connection.

This creates a secure connection over a public network, like the Internet. All the data is encrypted and secure from tampering. Another example would be when you make payments over the Internet. You will notice that the URL of the page that processes the payment starts with https://. This is an encrypted connection or tunnel between your browser and the web site.

Tunneling is also referred to as encapsulation. One type of network protocol is encapsulated by another. SSH and SSL are example of such secure protocols.


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In computing terms, a firewall is either a device or software program designed to block unauthorized access or allow authorized access to computer networks based on a set of configurable rules.

Most modern operating system have built-in software firewalls to protect user computers from malicious attacks from hackers or programs. There are also various third party software and hardware firewall solutions available.

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