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Dropbox is an internet based service that offers file hosting capabilities. The service allow you to store files on-line and synchronize them to one ore more personal computers. All you have do to use Dropbox, is to register with them and install the synchronisation application on your computer or mobile phone. The installation creates a special Dropbox folder on your hard drive. All files placed in this folder will be synchronised with all your other devices that have the Dropbox software installed. You can also access your Dropbox files on-line by logging on to their website.

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Memory Stick

Memory Stick


In computer terms, a memory stick is a small, portable electronic storage device. Memory sticks are mostly used in portable devices, like digital cameras, to store electronic data. In the case of a digital camera it will store photographs. Most modern computing devices, for example computer laptops, have ports where you can plug in the memory stick to download or copy the data from the memory stick to the computer.

The term memory stick was first created by Sony to describe their flash memory devices but today, the term memory stick, is used to describe these types of devices in general.

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Writing on the fly

On the fly


In computer terms, writing on the fly refers to the process of copying information from one media type directly to another without an intermediate step. An example of such a process is when a copy of a CD (compact disk) is made directly from one CD-ROM drive to another CD-ROM drive in the same computer without first saving an image of the source CD to the hard drive. This option is usually found in CD or DVD burning software.

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